S A little bit more about Seamless Photography Est. 2013

-The Duo-

Joe and I met while working at a fashion startup over 4 years ago. A friendship was formed before Joe had some liquid courage at his annual halloween party and asked me out. We have been inseparable ever since! From hiking the highest peaks in Acadia to driving to Nova Scotia and back in 48 hours we have had some amazing experiences hand in hand. On May 14, 2016 we faced our biggest adventure yet, becoming parents to Harper Grey. Now that we've gotten the hang of this parenting thing, we are ready for our next baby... Seamless Photography! We are so excited for this joint venture and can't wait to share this journey with YOU!

Want to dig a little deeper?

-Kaylyn Leighton-

Founder Kaylyn Leighton is the creative director of Seamless Photography. She moved from Florida to Boston to pursue her passions in photography, creative directing and event coordinating. Her diverse background allows her to wear many hats which gives her images life and creates a smooth experience for brides. 

If she isn't working or collaborating on a project you'll find Kaylyn traveling abroad filling her wanderlust appetite.

-Joe Sinthavong-

Founder Joe Sinthavong is the lead photographer of Seamless Photography. He graduated from The New England School of Photography and has been in the game for 9 years. His style was forged from an editorial background and has since evolved into what you see today.

Raised in Massachusetts Joe often travels throughout New England exploring the great outdoors. You can easily spot him in a crowd because of his stylish collection of hats.